Our Performance

The Uvote index consists of a maximum of 30 leading global consumer stocks, which are dynamically based on consumer buying behaviour.

Unsere Performance

Why Uvote?

Consumer goods have already been a lucrative investment segment over the past 50 years. Analysts agree that this trend will continue to grow. However, it is important to choose the right brands to invest in. Buying behaviour has created new areas of consumption with enormous potential. All areas of consumption are represented in Uvote through its selection process.

+110% Performance

Since its launch in February 2015, Uvote has gained over 110% in value. With an average annual return of 12.50%, Uvote is one of the best performing investment solutions in Switzerland.

Stock Selection Is Based On Trend Surveys

Through our innovative way of conducting polls directly with consumers, new trends are continuously discovered and the winning brands of the polls are being invested in. The Uvote team relies here on the proven concept “Wisdom of the crowd.”


Transparency and honesty are our top priorities. You can view all positions at any time on our portfolio page. We deliberately say no to performance fees, up-front fees, leverage strategies, trading and derivatives.

Our Portfolio

Uvote uses innovative opinion polls to identify and invest in currently popular brands. Here are our 10 largest positions:

What is the next megatrend or brand of the future?

    “Der Konsum ist mittlerweile zum wichtigsten Träger der Weltwirtschaft geworden. Konsumgüter-Aktien erzielten die beste Performance in den letzten 50 Jahren. […] Die Trends, welche für die Auswahl und die Anpassung des Uvote-Portfolios relevant sind, werden durch Umfragen ermittelt. […] Eine seit der Liberierung im Vergleich zum Weltaktienindex klar überdurchschnittliche Performance bestätigt den innovativen Weg.” Read Article

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I invest?

    You can buy Uvote shares daily via your bank. You can choose from three Uvote investment products, all of which track the same Uvote index 1:1. All you need is a securities account at your bank and the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) of the Uvote product you wish to invest in.

    Can I invest in the Uvote as a small investor?

    Yes, you can invest in Uvote from as little as CHF 100. Thus, small as well as big investors can benefit equally from the performance.

    Is the Uvote open to investors outside Switzerland?

    This strongly depends on your country of domicile. In principle, you can also invest in Uvote investment products from abroad as long as you have the appropriate ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).

    With the new USD UCITS fund, it is now even easier to invest from abroad, as funds are one of the most common investment products for private investors internationally. We recommend that you first check with your bank or broker whether investments in Uvote products are possible.

    Can I sell my Uvote shares at any time?

    Yes, you can resell your Uvote shares at any time.

    Does Uvote invest only in stocks?

    Yes, Uvote investors’ money is invested exclusively in equities. You can see our current portfolio here.

    How can I vote?

    We are always happy to welcome new voters. You can vote directly on our website and also register here for future votes directly with our innovative Uvote chatbot. To vote, click here.