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Who really decides what's "in"?

The consumer. Most people know themselves which brands are really trendy and which brands and manufacturers are popular within their own circles of friends and acquaintances. If you collect this consumer knowledge, you can put together a trend index that reflects the true importance of brands and their place in daily life, as well as their prospects for the future. Uvote therefore uses opinion polls to find out the really important trends and popular brands. This information can be used to compile a consumer index with really strong brands in which everyone can invest.

Why invest in brands?

A strong brand ultimately represents quality and consumer orientation. Consumers are often willing to spend somewhat more on a branded product. This attitude provides a good starting point for investors. For an investor, a strong brand means the security of the lasting success of a share investment, allowing long-term asset building. Even investors that have a skeptical view of the financial markets can use their own buying habits to judge whether the quality and attractiveness of a brand justify an investment.


Consumer goods shares - currently popular among investors

Throughout the last 50 years, basic consumer goods were a lucrative investment segment. This trend is bound to continue over the years to come. It is, however, important to select the correct brands for investment. One brand, by itself, does not produce a return.

The customer determines the trend

The innovative investment certificate is based on democratic structures. The Uvote portfolio only contains shares that clearly have a future among customers. Poorly rated brands, however, are removed from the portfolio. This new type of certificate thus combines direct feedback from consumers with the successful concept of consumer goods shares. This is a strategy that is forward-looking. Uvote provides a transparent certificate, traded on the Swiss stock exchange, that allows investors to participate in this investment trend.    

Be part of it

Register and become part of Uvote. With your vote, you can influence the future composition and development of the index. We will keep you up to date on a regular basis and will invite you to enter our competitions.

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